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"God is Light"

"Love & Light will Heal you"

"This is what I heard on two separate occasions coming from the sound machine that I use while I was doing a "Reconnective Healing® Session"

Patty Murphy is a Lightworker dedicated to the elevation of  awareness of the "Immortal Self" in her own self and others.  She is passionate in helping others feel better emotionally & spiritually.   Patty is a Level III Reconnective Healing Practitioner from Dr. Eric Pearl's  "The Reconnection®."  She is a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher from William Lee Rand's The New York International Center for Reiki Training.  Her additional studies include completed classes in Spiritual Counseling, spiritual healing & bio-energy healing and the History of Angels.  She is certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner from the Global College of Natural Medicine.  Patty is an ordained minister from the Esoteric Interfaith Church and also offers spiritual counseling.  She is an on-going student of  
"A Course in Miracles."

Hello everyone viewing.  The Angels and Ascended Masters are around us to help us grow spiritually.   The energy I receive from the Ascended Masters feels different than the energy from the Angels.  The Ascended Masters' energy feels more direct whereas the Angels' energy feels more subtle.  My Readings are always loving guidance and messages coming from the divine through the cards.  I use both Ascended Masters and Angel Cards to do my readings. Ascended Masters are those who had reached Christ/God Consciousness (enlightenment)  while they were still on this physical plane "Earth" and now their existence is on a different plane, as they continue to help us.   I describe Angels as ' beams & rays of light" existing at a much higher vibration than ourselves. The readings are always positive and empowering. These messages offer validation and help us to realize our true nature.   Sometimes I will use my energy oracle cards for messages to raise your awareness of the energies that may be around you.

I now offer my services in a private home located in Henryville, Pa. All services require appointments in advance.   These services include Usui Reiki Certification Classes, Reconnective Healing Sessions, The Reconnection, Reiki Attunements & Healing Attunements, Spiritual Guidance Readings (Angel & Ascended Masters cards) and Spiritual Counseling Sessions.  

My services are also provided in the comfort of your home (depending on location).  If interested, please email me for further information.  

I also offer my Reiki Classes, Reiki Healing Sessions and Reconnective Healing Sessions at The Silver Broomstick located on 24 Lake Street in Dallas, Pa.  Please contact Bill or Kristen directly for class schedules and scheduling sessions. (570) 908-9013.  www.thesilverbroomstick.com

Please Contact me for further information 
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Expressing God's Love (our higher "Self" awaits to wake-up)
         Lighting the Way
I am passionate about helping others on their healing journey.  Our true nature is one of love and forgiveness.  When we can all realize this, we will experience heaven on earth.  Let me help you heal emotionally and spiritually which will help you re-connect to your true essence.  If we can truly heal ourselves on an emotional and spiritual level, then maybe our "physical" bodies can simply 'catch up' to this healing.
We are all one with God, we are vibrational energy beings, but we simply forgot that we are truly 'pure love' and need to think & act in loving ways to help us remember so that we can return to this love.   To reach a higher level of consciousness, that higher level of awareness within all of us.  

Jesus already knew he was one with God.

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