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Patty Murphy is a Lightworker and is dedicated to helping others feel better emotionally & spiritually. Patty is a Level III Reconnective Healing Practitioner from Dr. Eric Pearl's "The Reconnection®." She is also a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher from William Lee Rand's The New York International Center for Reiki Training.   Additional studies include bio-energy healing, spiritual healing & counseling and the study of Angels.  She is also certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner from the Global College of Natural Medicine.   Patty is an ordained minister from the Esoteric Interfaith Church. 

Hello everyone viewing.  The Angels and Ascended Masters are around us to help us grow spiritually.   The energy I receive from the Ascended Masters feels different than the energy from the Angels.  The Ascended Masters' energy feels more direct whereas the Angels energy feels more  subtle.  My  Readings are guidance and messages coming from the divine through the cards.  I use both Ascended Masters and Angel Cards to do my readings.  Ascended Masters are those who had reached Christ/God Consciousness  while they were still on this physical plane "Earth" and now their existence is on a different plane, as they continue to help us.   I describe Angels as ' beams & rays of light" existing at a much higher vibration than ourselves. The readings are always positive and empowering.  These messages offer validation and help us to realize our true nature.  

Have a Reconnective Healing Session in the comfort of your home.   Learn Reiki, or receive a Spiritual Reading with the Ascended Masters and the Angels - all in the comfort of your home.  I also now offer both spiritual readings and healing sessions at my colleague's office located in downtown Stroudsburg and spiritual readings at The Organic Warehouse on Route 611 in Bartonsville.  
Appointments required.    
Also telephone readings coming soon....


Expressing God's Love
I am passionate about helping others on their healing journey.  Our true nature is one of love and forgiveness.  When we can all realize this, we will experience heaven on earth.  Let me help you heal emotionally and spiritually which will help you 
re-connect to your true essence.  If we can truly heal ourselves on an emotional and spiritual level, then maybe our "physical" bodies can simply 'catch up' to this healing.
We are all one with God, we are vibrational energy beings, but we simply forgot that we are truly 'pure love' and need to think & act in loving ways to help us remember so that we can return to this love.      
- to reach the state of Christ/God Consciousness -
Jesus already knew this.
"I Am the Light of the World"
I never got the chance to thank you. Thank you for taking me under your wing and teaching me to sense things beyond anyone's imagination. You have been a wonderful friend and mentor. If it wasn't for you I don't think I'd be doing the things that I am doing right now in my life. Words can't truly express how grateful that I am, but thanks once again for teaching me and guiding me.
Love, Alex

Hi Patty,
Thank You so much for giving me back my life. I had severe lower back pain which caused me to walk with a cane. I went for 9 months of physical therapy which did absolutely nothing for me. They had to help me get into my car after the therapy. So I thought I would try Holistic Healing. At first I tried " Rolfing" which is extremely painful. Then I found Patty at Holistic Haven. After having some sessions with Patty, I no longer have any lower back pain and I 'm doing things again that I was doing before. She has such a gift for healing people. You are my Angel. God Bless you
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