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Reiki is an ancient healing art brought to us from Japan. It is believed to work by balancing our "unseen" subtle life-force energy that flows through and around our physical bodies through unseen ports called "chakras & meridians."  Reiki is referred to as a form of energy healing. A Reiki practitioner uses a variation of "laying on of hands" and/or works just above the physical body (in the etheric subtle body) and around the physical body, acting as a "channel" of a higher source of healing energy. This energy source vibrates at a much higher frequency than our physical body and is channeled through the practitioner and then focused with a strong intention while mentally directing this 'higher energy source' to the client. Since Reiki is "channeled" both the practitioner and the client benefit from the session. Regular Reiki sessions can help to reduce stress and anxiety promoting relaxation, thereby facilitating the body's natural healing process.  Reiki has an overall  positive effect on the mind and body as well as on an emotional level. This practice is now also being offered in many hospitals.

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What is Energy Healing
I believe we are energy "vibrational" beings, beings of light.

 The term energy translates as meaning “light and vibration.” So we could be described as “light - bound into living matter.” Our physical body is an energy body, the densest of all of our energetic bodies. It is believed that we all have this magnetic energy field (an invisible matrix) around us. There are at least seven energetic layers in this energy field. It is referred to by different names, such as energy field, Human Energy Field, bio-energy field, luminous energy field, most commonly known as the ‘AURA.’ This field is our body’s 'energy' counterpart. According to healer Barbara Brennan, there is a Universal Energy Field (UEF) that surrounds everything. It connects all objects to each other. If we are open to this idea, then this universal energy must interact with our human energy field. There is a belief that exists among many that diseases begin in the human energy field and then materialize in the physical body. If this is true then the human energy field acts as the energy protection shield of the physical body.

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